The Vision

Nurture, Create, Celebrate and Educate!



How it all began....

Becoming a grandparent inspired me to create a chemical free space, where food is organically grown and there is room to play for my grandchildren. I began my permaculture farm to ensure this would always be there for them. However, my passion has grown and I wish to share Ella’s Farm with friends and visitors from far and wide and embark on this journey for a sustainable future together.

creating beautiful amenities and living spaces

creating beautiful amenities and living spaces

The journey

Like all true and meaningful things in this world, Ella’s Farm is always a work in progress as we ensure the proper sustainable methods are utilised to cultivate our land.

Restoring the soil to its full potential is our boundless goal, along with improving the soil structure through mulching and animal cultivation and capturing water run off to reduce erosion. We also endeavor to create a sustainable farm ecosystem by restoring our landscape through reforesting at least 30% of our land.

Through creating a lifestyle that is grounded by the earth, we at Ella’s Farm allow for creativity and fun each and every day.


Everyone is welcome to join us at Ella’s Farm.

Return to the land and experience the wonders of organically grown food. Work is never too strenuous, especially when there are fun times to be had creating fields of flowers, collecting eggs from our mother hens and picking delicious, wholesome vegetables.

Experience the wonders of preparing, planting and picking nourishing food with your own hands in a magnificent hinterland setting.